The Halogenerator  “SwissSalt IIRIS-83” is the halogenerator that is designed  for  the use in salt  caves  (salt rooms, salt chambers)  and  recommended  for  the  prophylactics of allergies,  asthma,  bronchitis, dermatitis, colds, coughs......



the  settings  are  extremely  simple  thanks   to   a  big  touch  screen

it is recommended for the use in the salt rooms of any sizes from 7m2 to 45m2 (12m3 – 100m3)

it shows the  approximate salt aerosol concentration in  real time  during the  session

the  desirable concentration of the salt aerosol is provided thanks to the regulation by  the capacity  of the  salt,   coming    from  the  generator to the space  of  the known  dimensions

the generator can be installed both inside or outside the salt room

the  outgoing stream of the salt aerosol is continuously visible thanks to the blue LED light

doesn’t have problems  of  corrosion due to fully plastic body (made from the medical plastics)

high reliability, simplicity of service and a low price.


Technical information:

-automatic  dry  salt-aerosol  generator  with   a  touch screen control panel

-the mechanical board consists of  3 easily replaced  blocks ( feeder;  mill;  fan)

-the  device consists the programmed HiTec electronic block, Memory, Control Board, e.t.c.

-Needs  about 30 – 200 g  dry  salt  per session  of  15 – 90 min

-Provides 6 levels of salt therapy in  range  of  0,5 – 15 mg/m3

-The electrical source:  230 – 220 V (AC); 110 V (AC), the working voltage is  12V (DC)

-Can control 3 outside circuits (periphery): lights and ventilators (less, than 900W)

-Power consumption without any periphery:   less than 50W

-The dry salt-aerosol is permanently blown („non-stop“)  into the salt therapy room

-Height 500, width 350, depth 250 mm;

-Weight 12,5  kg

-Warranty 2 years