Salt cocoon is a compact small salt chamber which is designed for individual salt therapy. The model “Saltarium” has ergonomic and modern design. The seated position makes it especially comfortable for people with breathing difficulties, respiratory concerns and/or moving problems. It is also very suitable for children. Salt cocoon “Saltarium” comes with MP3 player, headphones and back-heating system. It works on the basis of IIRIS-136 halogenerator.

It can be relocated and transported to any country

Can hold one adult with one child

It has a seated position (SALTARIUM)

The effect is the same as in the regular salt room

Suits well for people with breathing problems

Especially recommended in case of skin problems – salt therapy cleanses, exfoliates and improves the appearance of the skin

Salt cocoon suits well for beauty salons to give cosmetic treatment for the face & body

Is equipped with the dry salt aerosol generator IIRIS-136

The following parameters can be chosen by using the cocoon’s control desk:

– Pre-set salt aerosol concentrations 1-20 mg/m3 by pressing 1,2 or 3

– Manual settings which allow higher concentrations

– Duration of the session (eg 1-60 min)

– Duration of the removal of the salt aerosol (5-10 min)

– Heating (back-heating)

Salt cocoon is equipped with MP3 player

Salt Cocoon is devoid of materials that can cause allergic reactions

Safety is guaranteed – the user can stop the session and get out of the salt cocoon at any time

Warranty 24 months