The Salt Therapy Tent offers simple and safe home salt therapy. If it is not possible to use the salt cabin or the salt cocoon, we will add tent to your purchase of SwissSalt IIRIS-136 Halogenerator. The salt therapy tent can create a small and portable salt chamber inside your home. Just use it whenever you feel necessary and fold it or put to corner for the rest of the day. It is the easiest and safest way to take quality salt therapy sessions at home!


– Equipped with IIRIS-136 halogenerator

– Is meant to be for safe administration of salt therapy in domestic conditions

   or in case there is no space or possibility to place the salt cabin or salt cocoon

– Is very easily to assemble and disassemble (pop-up system)

– Has windows and a door

– Different colors are possible (black, pink, beige)

– It can be shipped to any country and self-assembled by the client

– It can be relocated and taken with when going to holidays etc

– Safety is guaranteed – the user can stop the session and get out of the tent   

   at any time

– We guarantee 24 months warranty, service, support and spare parts upon


A good solution of SwissSalt IIRIS-136 home application is the Salt Therapy Tent. SwissSalt IIRIS-136 salt Halogenerator is also included to salt cocoons and salt cabins. It can offer dry salt aerosol concentrations depending on your wish (strong and weak). The majority of salt aerosol particles is within the range of 0,3 – 10 microns.